Sponsorship Application Form for ISMAR-APNMR 2021

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A. Company Exhibition
A. Exhibition booth
Exhibition booth (\300,000) ~ booth(s)
A-1. Exhibition content

B. Advertisement in Program Book
B-1. Advertisement in the program book (1 page)
Advertisement (1 page) (JPY200,000) ~ page(s)
B-2. Advertisement in the program book (1/2 page)
Advertisement (1/2 page) (JPY100,000) ~ page(s)
C. Sponsorship Fundraising
C. Sponsorship Fundraising
JPY150,000 ~ unit
D. Sponsorship Packages
D. Sponsorship Packages

D-1.Exhibition boothiFor companies applying to Dj Please fill in the needed number.
Needs booths
Each package sponsor includes an exhibition booth. If you do not want to exhibit, please enter g0h.
E. Sponsorship Items
E-1. Banquet sponsoriAugust 26j
E-2. Coffee break sponsor
E-3. Distributing company flyers enclosed in the congress bags
E-4. Distributing novelty items
E-4-1. Novelty items contents

E-5. Others


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