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•While we accept the inquiry email you sent through the Inquiry Form, we will not provide any legal consultation or opinion with respect to your inquiry through email.

•No attorney-client relationship will be created between you and our firm solely from the fact that we received your inquiry email. Further, no contract will be formed between us or between you and any of our attorneys or other staff members solely based on the communication made through the Inquiry Form.

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•We will endeavor to respond in a timely manner to inquiry emails, which we determine are appropriate for us to respond to; however, we do not guarantee that we will reply to all inquiries received.

•If our answer is not consistent with your intent, or if we do not respond to your inquiry, our firm will have no obligation whatsoever, including any obligation to disclose our reasons, and neither will our firm be liable for any damages you may incur as a result of our response (or our non-response).

•We will appropriately handle any personal information received through the Inquiry Form in accordance with our firmfs Privacy Policy.

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