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About your participation

You must meet the following conditions in order to participate in the program.

I will attend ALL program activities from July 19 to July 30, 2019. (*) Yes
I will attend courses and give a presentation in English, and submit an assignment paper after the program. (*) Yes
I will purchase travel insurance (including health insurance) at my own expense to cover the whole period of my stay in Japan and submit a copy of my insurance certificate before arrival. (*) Yes
I understand that I am responsible for applying and obtaining a visa to Japan on my own expense, and that Meiji University will only provide assistance to students from Meiji University's partner institutions.(*) Yes
I understand the cancelation policy.(*) Yes

Accommodation Arrangement

Would you like to apply for the optional accommodation package? (Accommodation is not covered by the program fee, except for the one night during the Traditional Japan (Nikko) field trip.) The detailed information of the accommodation package will only be sent to those who have requested for one at this point, after their participation have been confirmed. (*) Yes
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*Please read through the notice below.

  1. The program schedule may be subject to change.
  2. Meiji University reserves the right to cancel the program any time due to causes beyond its control (e.g. natural disasters).
  3. The program may be cancelled if the number of participants does not reach the minimum quota.
  4. Participants of the program are required to purchase overseas travel insurance (including health insurance) at their own expense to cover the period of their stay in Japan.
  5. Participants are responsible for applying and obtaining a visa to Japan on their own.
  6. Meiji University will only provide assistance in obtaining a visa to students from our partner institutions.
  7. Notification of acceptance with detailed information regarding the payment method of the program fee will be forwarded on March 7, 2019 <Japan Time> only to the successful applicants to the e-mail address registered on this application form. The payment deadline is March 21, 2019 <Japan Time>. Please be advised that your application will be void if payment of program fee is not settled by the deadline of March 21, 2019 <Japan Time>.
  8. If the number of participants does not reach the program quota, the second round of acceptance notifications will be sent out from March 25, 2019. For the additional acceptance notifications, please kindly understand that the payment deadline will be shorter (about a week).
  9. Cancelation policy will apply once payment is completed.
  10. The payment for the optional accommodation will be made directly to the travel agency and not to Meiji University.
  11. Meiji University reserve the right to make use of personal information provided in this application form in order to plan, implement and manage the program.

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